Welcome to the pleasure!

    Lara Hotel offers you many possibilities!

    You can also sunbathe at the famous Lara Beach, as you are in the heart of Antalya. You can swim to relax in the pool or on the famous Lara beach or take a walk on the beach in the evening.  And how does transport work? You can go everywhere with public buses. The bus stop is only 10 meters away! you can go on a city tour and visit the touristic attractions and shopping malls. There are many historical and interesting places in Antalya. For example, you can make a tour in the marina of Antalya and the ancient “Üçkapılar”.  You can also take a short yacht tour in Antalya Marina. Do you want to have fun? Because there are many discos, nightclubs and pubs near the hotel.

    Have fun!

    Hotel Management may make changes in activity times and places according to weather conditions and other factors.

    Alcoholic Drinks are not served to our guest under 18 years old.

    As required the laws and the regulations of the Republic of Turkey, you're not allowed to smoke all indoor places.